Box with Drawers

I'm not too sure what to call these, I've been calling them boxes with drawers...but they're essentially mini chests of drawers. The idea is these would go on top of a desk or a shelf. The main design constraint for these was that packaged tea bags fit perfectly into the small drawers. I liked the idea of the bigger drawer be twice the size of the little one and the offset symmetry works well I think. I also wanted to go high contrast between the case and the drawer fronts, I think the woods compliment well though because despite the high contrast between them, the grain of each wood has its own contrasting lines. The case is spalted chenchen, this wood smells very poo-like, sort of like a farm almost. The drawers are macassar ebony. The knobs are cherry and the drawer bottoms are lined with wrapping paper. These were completed in February 2020.