Low Back Maloof Chair

This was probably my longest running project spanning close to 3 years. As soon as I read Sam Maloof's book I knew that I wanted to make a Maloof style chair at some point. For my birthday one year I bought myself a large live edge cherry slab with no particular project in mind. About 6 months later I decided I'd use the slab for a low back Maloof style chair, the slab had just enough wood to make the entire chair from it. I did the joinery and rough shaping quite quickly over the course of a couple weeks. The final shaping and sanding took me a couple years, every time I would start I would lose interest after an hour or so. It was finally after I moved to Toronto when I finished this chair, I think part of the reason I would always lose interest was because I didn't have a spot for the chair when I lived in Sudbury, but my house in Toronto has a spot by the entrance where this chair lives. The chair was completed in January 2019.