Watch Box

I built this box to hold watches for my wife for Christmas. Every year for her birthday I get her a watch, so it was only fitting that after a few years I build her a nice place to put the watches. I designed this around some velvet watch pillows, it's designed to hold ten watches with the pillows plus maybe some below. The box top is a four way match of camphor burl bordered with an abalone shell inlay. The rest of the exterior is veneered with king wood veneer and it has solid walnut edging. The box interior and tray are both walnut. The box bottom has decortive paper applied. The inner lid parquetry is sycamore, mahogany and east indian rosewood, it was probably the most time consuming portion of the whole box. Each piece had to be individually cut, and by the time I got to the last couple rows each piece was hand fitted to the pieces next to it. Well worth the effort. I completed this in December 2019.